Looking forward brightly : Another step of Bootcampdemy within the AWS Edstart Community

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Looking forward brightly : Another step of Bootcampdemy within the AWS Edstart  Community

Looking forward brightly : Another step of Bootcampdemy 
within the AWS Edstart 

At Gantik. Co., a proud registered AWS Edstart accelerator program member, this online learning solution in the name of Bootcampdemy’s aimful devotion towards the strengthening of equal education opportunity in Thailand has been lit up by the bonfire of collective aspirations both from the tremendous achievements of academic, technical, and support team of professions at work, and the world class service provider in the likes of AWS Educational technology community. Enhancing the quality of our online learning solution to a far greater extent.

Bootcampdemy is our flagship product. An educational application unlike any other as we uniquely value data-based analytical of student’s results for assessment and evaluation. Our product hosts a collection of 17,000 exam questions and equivalently sufficient number of nationwide curriculum-based classroom lesson, created by highly qualified university lecturers, serving over 160,000 registered students and teachers across Thailand, but most importantly the essential core of our selling point lies in processing those resulted data using big-data analysis into identifying each student’s weaknesses, and guide them into tackling those highlighted improvable points- further assisting them with potential developments. Our key concept is to help students win a seat in their desired college majors across the country, and the entirety of our services are tailored to answer those needs using relative data processes and analytical functions.

As much as our potential growth is essential to our key operation, we did not rise to such a prominent place in Thailand’s edtech industry by chance. We took comfort in knowing that as part of the AWS EdStart community, we were never alone in our share of aspirations. Our long run in this exclusive sector has been through the stable quality of AWS servers, providing us with networking sustainability important to our growth. The service itself is not merely user client formality, but rather a strong bond of relative business partner joint in collaboration to promote an amount of greatness. Not only AWS provided us with the server, but also creative events such as technical office hours, a monthly session which entails a window of technical sharing and discussing opportunities with members across the globe. As accordance to Thai proverb “together we thrives”

Sharing, giving, and most importantly striving to be better each day is a concept which Bootcampdemy as educational services provider held dearly. Our company pledges to serve educational needs of students in a said unique way for the longevity of our time in the service, whether it be long or short, and is willingly happy to stay within the reach of AWS service providers to continue to make memorable memories in years to come.